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Bruno Fedeli


Date and Place of Birth: 21st February 1969, Bologna
Home Address: Via Montepetto n° 189, 40038 Vergato (Bologna) Italy


MSc on GEOLOGICAL SCIENCE. University of Bologna-Italy
Date of  23/2/1995
Final mark: 106/110.

MSc on NATURAL SCIENCE. University of Granada-Spain
Date 28/4/1999

Date of 12/2/1998

RESEARCH GRANT ABROAD, University of Bologna.
Academic years 1996/1997 and 1997/1998.

Ph.D. COURSES. University of Granada-Spain:
Geochemical application of stable isotopes in hydrogeology
Estimation and simulation of environmental variables
Groundwater and hypodermic flows in schistose contexts
Quaternary paleogeography.
Water quality and pollution
Physicochemical and biological characterisation of river water
Hydrothermalism: water and energy resources
Geoenvironmental impact in karstic caves open to the public    
Introduction to processing of spatial images

DEGREE PROJECT: “Rilievi geomorfologici nell’alta valle del Fiume Reno, tra le localita’ Ponte alla Venturina-Castiglione dei Pepoli”.
Director: Prof. Carlo Elmi, Univ. of Bologna

TAKING PART in a research project regarding monitoring and discharge modelling of the rivers DILAR, GENIL, TREVELEZ located in Sierra Nevada massif, South Spain. University of Granada (Spain) 1997/1998.

I.T.I.S (State Technical Institute) of Bologna, Italy, 1988.


From 1995

From 2015: Carmacoring Srl, Geotechnical Manager
Supervisor offshore as Saipem Rep. for an Inspection Survey of two pipelines “Nord Stream”, performed by DeepOcean

  • 2013-2015: South Stream Transport BV, Survey Specialist
    Survey Contractors technical evaluation and selection
    Technical documentation review and approval
    Client representative onshore Russia. 2dvhr geophysical survey. Days onsite 10
    Client representative offshore: Deep water geotechnical survey on Russian Slope. Vessel and equipment (ROVDRILL3) setup and testing, days onsite 60
    2009-2013: GEOTeam S.r.L Rome: Project Manager, geoscientist,  
    Oil Tanker Aframax to FSO conversion – Edison- Survey Project Manager (EDISON ENERGY). ROV and geophisical assistance and inspection. Days Onsite 20
    Montanazo and Lubina pipelines/wellheads Project - Survey Project Manager  (REPSOL)
    Cam&CES submarine cables – Survey Project Manager (TELEFONICA SPAIN). Geophisical (MBES, SSS, SBP, Maggy) and geotechnical (GC, CPTU) surveys. Days onsite 15
    BIOS Italy to Israel submarine cable PLGR – Project Manager (BEZEQ). Geophisical (MBES, SSS, SBP, Maggy) and geotechnical (GC, CPTU) surveys. Days onsite 30
    TT submarine system Turkey – Project Manager (ERICSSON). Geophisical (MBES, SSS, SBP, Maggy) and geotechnical (GC, CPTU) surveys. Days onsite 10
    BIOS Italy to Israel cable survey Israel to Italy – Survey Project Manager (BEZEQ)
    Ambriz Port dredging Supervisor, Angola (SAIPEM). MBES survey, cut and fill calculations. Days onsite 50
    SeaGreen Wind Farm offshore Survey, Scotland- Geoscientist (UK GOVERNMENT)
    TBP Trans Balcan Pipeline offshore survey Project Manager (ILF). Geophisical (MBES, SSS, SBP, Sparker, Maggy) and geotechnical (GC, VibroC, CPTU) surveys. Days onsite 60
    Pencan8 cable survey- Spain – Survey Project Manager (TELEFONICA SPAIN)

2008: EGS ASIA, geoscientist, Reporting manager
PPE1 Sydney to Guam (ALACATEL)
JAKABARE optical fibre cable systems.

2008 NOBO - Bologna – Geological and geotecnical surveys, feasibility study for a Hydroelectric Plant 

2005 – 2007 Italy, Self employed – geologist - geophysicist

2004 AQUATER S.p.A. (ENI Group), geotechnical party chief, Brescia-Verona High Velocity Railway geotechnical survey.

2003 PROGEO S.r.L. FORLI’, Geophysicist
Surveys for PROGEO S.r.L.

  • Gola della Rossa (AN): seismic refraction analysis for a new tunnel (ANAS)
    Cadine (TN): Cross holes and refraction analysis for a new route state road (SPEA)
    Taio (TN): geophysics along the new Taio tunnel (ANAS)
    Palagianello (TA): cross holes, new railroad  route (ITALFERR)
    Polla (SA): seismic refraction for new viaducts along the A3 motorway (SGAI, CMC)

1999-2002 and 1995-1996: G.A.S. GEOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE AND SERVICES BOLOGNA-ITALY. Geophysicist, surveyor, seismic records interpretation,   bathymetry data processor and geotechnician.

Inshore and Offshore surveys:

  • 2002 Submarine cable system Geophysical and geotechnical Surveys, Saudi Arabia-Sudan (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA)
    2002 Submarine cable system Geophysical and geotechnical Surveys, Indonesia (PIRELLI)
    2002 Pipeline geophysical survey, Argentina (SAIBOS)
    2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1996, 1995, Geophysical and geotechnical surveys, Adriatic Sea (AGIP), (SNAMPROGETTI),
    2001 Reservoir reconaissance geophysical survey, Argentina (PAN-AMERICA ENERGY).
    2001 Geophysical and geotechnical surveys, Strait of Sicily (SNAMPROGETTI, AGIP),
    2001 Pirelli submarine power cable geophysical survey, Malta (PIRELLI),
    2001 Submarine domestic cable inshore geophysical surveys and land surveys, Mozambique (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    2001 Oil plant Single Point Mooring geophysical survey, Argentina (PAN-AMERICA ENERGY).
    2000 Atlantica1 submarine cable system Magnetometer seafloor survey, USA (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    2000 Nautilus submarine cable system Geophysical Survey, Greece (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    2000 Nautilus submarine cable system Geophysical Survey, Israel (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    2000 Nautilus submarine cable system Geophysical Survey, Egypt (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    2000 Nautilus submarine cable system Geophysical Survey, Ciprus (ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    2000 Submarine cable system positioning, Tirrenian Sea (ELETTRA),
    1999 Atlantica1 submarine cable system Geophysical Survey, Brazil (Clients: ALCATEL UK, ELETTRA),
    1996 Malta seaware oceanographic survey, Malta (Malta Government)
    1995 Power plants pipelines geophysical surveys, Lebanon (Tecnomare SPA),
    1995 Offshore oil platform positioning, Tunisia (SAIPEM),

Geophysical methods and equipment:

  • Seismograph GEODE GEOMETRICS, MGOS acquisition software. Terrestrial Refraction, down hole and cross hole seismic tests.
    Resistivity terrestrial analyses
    Sub bottom profilers (CHIRP technology, boomers,)
    Sparker technology
    Side scan sonars (CHIRP technology, dual frequency SSS)
    Single Beam Echo sounders
    MultiBeam echo sounders (Kongsberg, Reson, Interferometric)
    GPS techniques (DGPS, RTK technology, Long Range RTK) and Range Range Positioning Systems
    Magnetometers (Proton, Caesium, gradiometer UXO survey),
    Pipeline Tracker techniques
    Navigation software, NavProfessional, Qinsy, PDS2000, EIVA positioning software

Oceanographic equipment:

  • Tide gouges, standard and Doppler current meters, multiparameter probes.


Geotechnical methods and equipment:

  • Surface and submarine geotechnical drilling and sampling (Rotary (including seabed deployed frame FORUM ROVDrill and FUGRO WISON), gravity, piston and vibro coring, box coring and grab sampling,
    CPT, submarine CPT and CPTU,
    Samples end analytic results description.
    Rock Geomechanics characterization  

Hydrogeology methods end equipment:

  • well test, permeability test, acquifer test, river discharge analysis,

Processing of geophysical, oceanographical e geotechical data:

  • MERLIN, NEPTUNE, CFLOOR 5.5.1, SURFER, FLEDERMAUS, CARIS, GMAPPER.  AUTOCAD, AUTOCAD MAP. Geophysical and geotechnical reports editing. CVIEW Products.


  • COURSE ON ADVANCED METHODS OF HYDROLOGICAL DATA TREATMENT. University of Granada. 1997. Organized by : I.C.O.G.
  • COURSE ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. University of Granada. 1996. Organized by: I.C.O.G.
  • CONGRESS: HYDROGEOLOGY OF HARD ROCKS. Madrid 1997. Organized by: I.A.H, Spanish Subgroup.


1997 and 1998 GRANADA UNIVERSITY. Teaching Fractal Analysis in Geomorphology II Course.

1996 C.O.R.U.M. Bologna-Italy. Teaching Soil Science with agricultural applications. European Course of Ecologic Agricolture

1990-1995 WWF Italy. Environmental education assistant.



  • FEDELI, B. & CASTILLO, A. (1997). Different kinds of morphogenetic springs in the upper Dilar valley (Sierra  Nevada, Granada, Spain). HYDROGEOLOGY OF HARD ROCKS CONGRESS, Madrid 1997.
  • ADARVE, A. CASTILLO, A. and FEDELI, B. (1997) Análisis de curvas de agotamiento en dos ríos de Sierra Nevada (Granada; España). Geogaceta , 23, pp 3-6.
  • FEDELI, B. & CASTILLO, A. (1997). Condiciones de surgencia en una cuenca esquistosa de alta montaña (Sierra Nevada; Granada, España). Geogaceta, 23, pp 47-50.


  • Wide experience in the following software:
  • WINDOWS: EXCEL; db(ACCESS); PROJECT, AUTOCAD, ACADMAP; ARCVIEW; SURFER, GMAPPER, FLEDERMAUS, geophysical equipment  controlling software.  Geotechnical data processing and interpretation software.


English:         fluent

Spanish:        excellent

Germany:       fluent

Portuguese:    fluent

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