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Angel Descent

The need for accurate and undisturbed core samples has led to the development of this new coring method with controlled penetration speed, in order to obtain sediment samples with more accurate outcomes. Based on the water depth, this methodology, called "Angel Descent",

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Carma® Piston Corer

The newly-designed Carma® Piston Corer has been conceived to retrieve cores of large diameter (100 mm) up to 30 m long, essential for studies of sedimentary basins characterized by a large thickness of fine sediment and to sample ancient stratigraphic layers.

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Carma® Handling system (LARS)

In recent months Carmacoring has created a new controlled handling system, fast and safe for long corers of up to 30 meters. The new launching system is made up of reticular modules of triangular sections 5 meters long each (easily stored

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Carma® Corer SW-104

Carma® Corer SW-104 is a light corer, 100 Kg maximum, designed with the purpose of recovering cores of clayey or slightly sandy sediments. It is ideal for marine and lacustrine environments where studies of pollution, eutrophication, nutrient and metal interface fluxes, interstitial

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Gravity Corer

This is an instrument of great strength and easy to use, suitable for coring a seafloor characterised by sediment with different lithological compositions, even compact or soft cemented.   Main components of Gravity Corer: Head: consisting of a cylindrical lead mass with a variable

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Light Box Corer

This is an instrument intended for the recovery of superficial samples of the seabed which are then held in a metal box. The sample collected is characterized by a low rate of disturbance to the sedimentary structure and includes the bottom

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Van Veen The must common grab is the Van Veen, consisting of two contrasting valves, centrally hinged and that lean on the seafloor in an open position. Afterwards, the valves close by way of traction on the main wire, thus collecting the sample

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Cylindrical Dredge

This instrument has been utilised since the seventies to tear up and collect rock samples, concretion and calcrete from slope outcroppings. The dredge is composed of a large thick iron cylinder: 500 mm in diameter and 1200 mm in length, 250 Kg

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Our company was born from the idea of creating the technology necessary for taking undisturbed samples from the seafloor, thus obtaining a sample which can be completely analysed in any geological, geotechnical, environmental or engineering study.

Our service is available both for Clients and Contractors: with our skilled staff and equipment the goal of obtaining Quality Coring is always achieved.

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2013 Piston Cores. Neptun Block Project in Black Sea

Piston Cores for Neptun Block Project in Black Sea, carried out for D'Appolonia SpA (Contractor Fugro Alluvial, Client EXXON)....

2013 Piston Cores. Environ Srl (Client Syndial SpA – ENI Group)

Piston Cores in an Italian Lake, carried out for Environ Srl (Client Syndial SpA – ENI Group). For the...

2012 Piston Cores. C.N.R. Adriatic Sea

Piston Cores in Adriatic Sea, carried out for ISMAR Bologna-CNR. Has been done 9 Piston Cores of 15 meters....

2011 Piston Cores. IGI Italy-Greece

Piston Cores for IGI Poseidon Project, carried out for D'Appolonia SpA (Contractor Fugro, Client Edison). Has been executed 23...

2011 Piston Cores. Italian Harbour

Piston Cores for the engineering of an harbor design, carried out for Fincosit SpA. Has been requested to sample...

2010 Piston Cores. Pre-engineering in Egypt

Piston Cores in Egypt for a pre-engineering survey, carried out for D'Appolonia SpA (Sub-Contractor Fugro, Contractor Technip, Client Burullus)....

New Patent "Angel Descent"

The need for accurate and undisturbed core samples has led to the development of this new coring method with controlled penetration speed, in order to obtain sediment samples with more accurate outcomes.


Carma Gravity Corer SW-104


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