Our service is available both for Clients and Contractors: with our skilled staff and equipment the goal of obtaining Quality Coring is always achieved.

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Carmacoring Srl

Besides managing both the sale and rental of sampling instruments, continues to do consulting work in the offshore sector and supervision in geophysical / geotechnical projects related to Oil & Gas and Wind Farms as Client Rep.

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Carmacoring S.r.l. combines seabed survey experience with respect for the environment and work site safety, offering its clients a complete package and total reliability.

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New patentAngel Descent

The need for accurate and undisturbed core samples has led to the development of this new coring method with controlled penetration speed, in order to obtain sediment samples with more accurate outcomes.

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Carma® Gravity Corer SW-104

Carma® Corer SW-104 is a light corer, 100 Kg maximum, designed with the purpose of recovering cores of clayey or slightly sandy sediments.

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