Piston Cores for IGI Poseidon Project, carried out for D’Appolonia SpA (Contractor Fugro, Client Edison). Has been executed 23 Piston Cores between 65 and 1350 meters water depth. The setup of the CARMA® Piston Corer has been changed every core, based on CPT’s data. Beyond changing the weight of the corer head, the free-fall length, the slack and the valves of the active piston, has been utilized the following lengths of core barrels: 5-6-8-10-11-13-15 metres.

The average timing obtained for the last 20 samples was 4 cores per day, shifting for example from 8 to 6 metres barrels’ length, then to 13 and finally 11 metres. Furthermore, for 3 sampling the coring dynamics has been record using an accelerometer positioned on the corer head.

The celerity of the operations has been achieved not only for CARMA® Piston Corer’s characteristics, but also for the ductility of CARMA® Handling System (LARS).