Piston Cores in Adriatic Sea, carried out for ISMAR Bologna-CNR. Has been done 9 Piston Cores of 15 meters. 4 of these has been performed using the Angel Descent. For the first time, and with great success, has been used the Carma Winch, utilized to sample through the new methodology at controlled penetration speed (Angel Descent).

Thanks to the agreement with CNR, has been collected 3 cores where CNR were already sample in the past with standard technique of free fall. The results shows the high quality of the cores. Comparing with previous sample in the same target, the magnetic susceptibility detected by CNR in this campaign find the Top undisturbed and the Bottom not compressed!

The accelerometer’s data shows an average speed of penetration of 1 m/s only, definitively slower than the speed reach usually using the free fall method. This permit to achieve a sample more representative, confirmed by the X Ray too, conducted by CNR-ISMAR Bologna on the cores.

The Angel Descent has been utilized again in shallow water: in 14.7m WD has been deployed a corer of 15m of tube length. This it was possible using a kevlar rope connected to the Piston, without trigger (see pictures).

To underline the core n. 8, where a recovery of 8.44m of sediment mainly sandy has been achieved.
Follow the set up of the corer and the results of the campaign.