Stratigraphic surveying of continental margins by way of coring is generally focused on the geological, environmental and paleoclimatic aspects of the study of the sedimentary basin, as well as neotectonic evolution and other geotechnical interests such as gravity instability and submarine landslides.

These issues require a longer temporal interval and thicker stratigraphic units and so an instrument capable of recovering a sedimentary layer of up to 30 metres thick with as little disturbance of the sample as possible.

Sample studies following coring allow for the characterization of facieses of the main stratigraphy units and determination of the ages.

These studies are of great importance to off-shore activities, as well as to the control and exploitation of the continental platform.

Carmacoring S.r.l uses a model of Active Piston Corer designed with specific and innovative technological solutions in order to allow the recovery of sediment samples up to 30 metres thick.

It is well-known that the seabed can be read as the archive of human activities.

In particular, during the 20th Century a major contribution of rubbish due to various anthropic activities has been recorded and correlated to technological and demographic development and nuclear experiments. Therefore it was necessary to develop new instruments and methodologies in order to obtain samples and overhanging water, while minimizing disturbances and contamination.

Thus Carmacoring S.r.l. proposes the “SW-104” Gravity Corer, ideal for sampling fine sediment which is found in the undisturbed Sediment-Water interface.

It can be utilized in the seabed sedimentary deposit, from the coast to the extreme limit of the continental platform, in lagoon areas, prodeltas and lakes.

Moreover the Carmacoring S.r.l. Quality Corer provides many other instruments fitted for sampling different kinds of seafloors, such as:

  • Gravity Corer 1.2T, sturdy and practical to use, is ideal for all kinds of sediment.
  • Box Corer, for recovering and holding undisturbed samples in a proper box.
  • Grabs, Van Veen or Shipek, for recovering the first layer.
  • Dredges, for recovering rock samples from slope outcrops.

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