Date and Place of Birth:
5th December 1941 – San Pietro in Casale (Bologna)
Home Address:Via De Gasperi n° 15
40050 – Argelato (Bologna) Italy.
Tel. +39 338 2651499


1962 – Diploma as qualified mechanical technician obtained at Technical College “Aldini Valeriani” in Bologna.

National military service

From 16/11/1963 to 06/02/1965: Italian Army Corps; patent as radio-operator obtained.

Work experience

01/10/1962-30/09/1963: engaged as skilled Technical Teacher at the Technical College “Aldini Valeriani” in Bologna.

01/04/1965: Laboratory Technician for Research National Council at the Marine Geology Institute in Bologna.
The main occupation as chief of Sedimentology Laboratory has been the physical analysis of the marine sediments.
The secondary activities were design and realization of mechanical equipment for sea floor sampling on board of oceanographic vessels.

01/07/1989 further to an open competition Angelo obtained IV level as Technical Collaborator for the Research Organizations.

1965-2003: Taking part in several oceanographic campaign performed by Marine Geology Institute in the Italian seas, in the Mediterranean basin, in the Red Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean, as technician to perform sampling of the seafloor sediments through operations of coring, dredging, box corer, grab and relative treatment of the samples, to reach a total of 1100 days of embarkation on board of different oceanographic vessels: F. Vercelli, Rampino, Bannock, S. Lo Bianco, U. D’Ancona, Daphne, Salernum, Urania, Thetis, Cariboo, Italica and Odin Finder.

Taking part in four expeditions in Antarctica for PNRA: VI expedition (1990-91), X (1994-95), XIII (1997-98 I° and II° leg) and XVI (2001).

From 01/01/2004 Retired from C.N.R.
From 14/06/2005 to 01/03/2007 owner of an individual business: “CAR.MA of Angelo Magagnoli”.

2006 “CAR.MA di Angelo Magagnoli” collaborate with Impresub Diving Marine Contractor S.r.l. to carrying out the “Geotechnical Survey for GENDALO and MAHA – Makassar Strait” (Indonesia) for Chevron’s client, performed from February to April on board of S/V “Toisa Mariner” Sealion Shipping Ltd. Jumbo Corer, Trigger Corer, Gravity Corer and Box Corer were the instruments utilized and Angelo was on board as Coring Supervisor, supplying the Coring team.

Project planning activities

1989 – Corresponsabile del progetto e della realizzazione di un nuovo “Carotiere a gravità SW-104” per carote di sedimento e acqua di fondo di grande diametro e minimo disturbo.

1989 – Jointly chief for project and realization of a new “Gravity Corer SW-104” for in-situ sampling of undisturbed sediment-water interface cores of large diameter.

1997 – Chief of a technological program: “Project and realization of Piston Corer for sediment cores up to twenty-metre long and for universal traverse handling system”.

1999 – Chief for construction of the new Piston Corer “CP-20” to obtain cores up to twenty-metre long.

1999 – Chief for a technological program: “Project and realization of universal traverse handling system for Piston Corer up to 22,5 metre long”.

2001 – Chief for operations and tests of the traverse handling system applied to the new Piston Corer “CP-20” on board of R/V Urania.

Participation in commission activities

1968÷1972 and 1981÷1986 – Elected member of the Scientific Council of the Marine Geology Institute as representative of Technical Personnel.

Participations in exhibitions and workshops

1974 – Bordeaux (F), exhibition of oceanographic equipment “Oceanexpo 74”.

1996 – Brighton (UK), “Oceanology International 96” Exhibition and Conference.

2000 – Texel (NL), “International Inmartech Technicians Workshop” at Netherlands Institute for sea Research (NIOZ).

Participation in education and training courses

1989 – Training course for the 5th Italian expedition in Antarctica, attended at Energy Research Centre Brasimone in Castiglione dei Pepoli (Bologna).

1989 – Course for acclimation on ice in preparation of the 5th Italian expedition in Antarctica, attended at Alpine Military School in Aosta.

1995 – Computer course of “MS WORD – WINDOWS 6.0” – “MS EXCEL 5.0” attended at the Research Area in Bologna.

1999 – Training course of first-aid attended at Prevention and Protection Service at the Research Area in Bologna.


MAGAGNOLI A., MENGOLI M., (1989). “Coring device for sampling mud and sand of the sea-bed”.
Patent No. 3730 A/89 registered in Italy on 28/11/1989.
Owner of the patent: Research National Council – Rome.

MAGAGNOLI A., (2002). “Core barrel, especially gravity type or free fall type”.
Utility model No. BO 2002U000016 registered in Italy on 22/02/2002.
Owner of the patent: Research National Council – Rome.

MAGAGNOLI A., (2004). “Piston Corer”.
Patent No. BO2004A 000825 registered in Italy on 30/12/2004.
Owner of the patent: Research National Council – Rome.

Foreign languages

1953-1957 French Fluent: 5 years at the Industrial Technical Institute in Cento (Ferrara).

1967-1969 English Fluent: Diploma in “Modern English Conversation” obtained at the British School of English in Bologna.


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Carmacoring S.r.l. combines seabed survey experience with respect for the environment and work site safety, offering its clients a complete package and total reliability.

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