From March 12th to March 14th, London

Presentationof the newJumbo VibroCorer

At Oceanology 2024 we will present the new coring equipment at our stand N400: after the samples obtained with our other Corers on fine sediment, we now also reach coarser sediments with the Jumbo VibroCorer.

This 8.2 tons instrument with a 6 meter tube for depths up to 250 meters has different peculiarities:

  • Self-recover system of the barrel, in order to avoid barrel’s bend and possibility to use Vessels without DP system!
  • The tilting of the Vibrocorer takes place through the action of two hydraulic cylinders. This makes easier the launch and recover of the equipment.
  • Telemetry and remote control that includes:
    • real time penetration monitor and interruption in case of target reached;
    • inclinometer;
    • altimeter.
  • Possibility for the Clients to check the performance in real time from their office.
  • Extraction thrust of 200 KN. If that’s not enough, the quick release tube clamp frees the vibrocorer and leaves only the barrel on the seabed.
  • 4 retractable stabilizers, independently hydraulically controlled and equipped with transducer, to always know the instantaneous position of each support foot in relation to the structure. The automatic leveling function is given by an inclinometer connected to the dedicated software.
  • Jumbo Vibrocorer is fitting with TRT equipment!


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