Carma® Corer SW-104

Carma® Corer SW-104 is a light corer, 100 Kg maximum, designed with the purpose of recovering cores of clayey or slightly sandy sediments.

It is ideal for marine and lacustrine environments where studies of pollution, eutrophication, nutrient and metal interface fluxes, interstitial waters, radionuclide inventories take place, and for determining sedimentation rates as well as the vast array of interchanges that occur in the superficial sediments of the aquatic environment.

Main Components of the Carma® Corer SW-104

The Carma® Corer SW-104 is made up of five main elements: the Head, the Core Tube, the Nose with core catcher, the “water-containment” valve and the Liner.

The Core Tube is made up of a thin tube of stainless-steel ø 114.3 mm, 1.5 mm thick, long 2008 mm (maximum length), 1354 mm or 654 mm (minimum length). It supports a transparent liner (110 mm diameter, 3 mm thick) that contains the sediment core and bottom water sample by way of a lower barrier in the form of a duck closing device and an upper water-containment valve. The load-bearing lattice, one with the core tube, consists of the arming, closure and recovery mechanisms; in addition it supports the dead weight made up of masses from 17 Kg to 100 Kg.

The unique qualifying aspects of the new instrument are the following:

  • Maximum reduction of disturbance of the core, in particular on top;
  • Recovery ratio of the penetration close to 100%;
  • Absence of water percolation from the top of the core towards the bottom;
  • Bottom closure mechanism that allows the undisturbed vertical extraction of the core sample;
  • Easily changeable mass;
  • Large core diameter of 104 mm (surface area of 85 cm2) that permits detailed sub-sampling and restores an undisturbed nucleus;
  • Instrument made up of anti-oxidant material to avoid contamination;
  • Maximum adaptability to diverse operating conditions.

Coring technique

The best technique is that using gravity speed controlled/reduced by a winch.
The gravity corer SW-104 is equipped with an aluminium service tri-pod: a variable-tilt carrier can hold the corer in a vertical position or at different angles to optimise on-board operations on the corer itself or on the recovered sample.

Industrial property

The Carma® Corer SW-104 has obtained the registering of a design patent.
Title: “Apparecchiatura di carotaggio per la campionatura di fondali fangosi e sabbiosi”
Holder: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Inventor: Angelo Magagnoli & Maurizio Mengoli

Carma® Corer SW-104

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