Carma® Handling system (LARS)

In recent months Carmacoring has created a new controlled handling system, fast and safe for long corers of up to 30 meters.
The new launching system is made up of reticular modules of triangular sections 5 meters long each (easily stored in containers), jointly in-line using commercial bolts.
Every module is supplied with a roller to make the insertion of the corer barrel into the head (slotted in a proper cradle) easier and without difficulty, due to the aligned points of support considered in the project.
As projected in the original design, the total symmetry of the structure has been considered in order to be mounted either on the starboard bulkhead or on the port bulkhead of any vessel suited for the scope.
Together with lattices, appropriate supports located onboard permit an easy mounting of the line of barrels and relative translation overboard. In fact they, too, are supplied with rollers that, due to the possibility of regulation of the brackets upon which they are fixed, permit them to reach the same height of the rollers overboard, allowing operation on the same plane.
Such characteristics distinguish the system’s ductility, rendering it utilizable on a wide range of vessels.

The New Handling System has been utilized in a sampling survey in the Adriatic Sea managed by C.N.R. (Italian National Research Council) – ISMAR Bologna.
Due to the interest and trust grant obtained by Party Chief Dr. Fabio Trincardi, the new handling system has been mounted on the Oceanographic Vessel R/V Urania, made up of 4 reticular modules 5 meters long each connected to the cradle.

It has permitted the execution of long cores up to 20 meters, optimizing launching time and recovery of the instrument. In fact the rotation of the lattice of 90°, then the corer from horizontal position to vertical and vice versa, has taken place with an average time of less than a minute.
To underline further the practicality of the execution, it has since been sufficient to utilize only one crane to manage the entire manoeuvre.
The utilization of this new system has thus demonstrated its efficacy and secure control of launching on the sea of very long sampling instruments and, especially, in operative conditions of maximum safety for operators.


Dr. Fabio Trincardi (Director of ISMAR – C.N.R.)

Captain Vincenzo Lubrano Lavadera (R/V Urania – So.Pro.Mar. S.p.A.)

Carma® Handling system (LARS)

Carma® Handling system (LARS)

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