2010 Piston Cores. Pre-engineering in Egypt

Piston Cores in Egypt for a pre-engineering survey, carried out for D'Appolonia SpA (Sub-Contractor Fugro, Contractor Technip, Client Burullus). Has been performed 15 metres cores and obtained recovery between 85 and 90%, achieving a maximum sample length of 13.28 metres!

These tools are used in...

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2010 Piston Cores. Pre-engineering in Egypt

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  • AccelerationAcceleration
  • Active pistonActive piston
  • Carma® Piston CorerCarma® Piston Corer
  • Dynamometric graph exampleDynamometric graph example
  • Piston Corer with Accelerometer-2Piston Corer with Accelerometer-2
  • Piston Corer with AccelerometerPiston Corer with Accelerometer
  • The new handling systemThe new handling system
  • piston_corer-1piston_corer-1
  • piston_corer-2piston_corer-2
  • piston_corer-3piston_corer-3
  • piston_corer-4piston_corer-4
  • piston_corer-5piston_corer-5
  • piston_corer-6piston_corer-6

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