Van Veen

The must common grab is the Van Veen, consisting of two contrasting valves, centrally hinged and that lean on the seafloor in an open position. Afterwards, the valves close by way of traction on the main wire, thus collecting the sample and returning immediately to the surface.

Carmacoring S.r.l. provides different sizes of the Van Veen grab:

Light Van Veen:
Dimension of the valves: 260×130 mm
Volume: 3.5 litres
Weight: 10 Kg

Van Veen 25 Litres
Stainless steel grab
Dimension of the valves: 540×250 mm (height 270mm)
Two weights removable of 2 Kg each in stainless steel
Weight in air: 34 Kg minimum; 38 Kg maximum (with all the weights applied)
Two inspection windows

Heavy Van Veen:
Dimension of the valves: 600×280 mm
Volume: 40.0 litres
Weight: varies in modular weight from 30 to 50 Kg (in the air).


Another kind of grab is the Shipek model, which collects the sample in a semi-cylindrical box, kept open until impact with the seabed. At the moment of impact, a pre-loaded spring triggers a rotation of the box which house the enclosed sample undisturbed until it surfaces.

Volume of the scoop: 3 litres


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