Box Corer Leggero

This is an instrument intended for the recovery of superficial samples of the seabed which are then held in a metal box. The sample collected is characterized by a low rate of disturbance to the sedimentary structure and includes the bottom water sample.

The Box Corer is made up of a rectangular basement in galvanized iron tapered on the higher portion.
When the Box Corer touches the seabed, a tubular column in the square section descends and a trigger device releases the shovel which will recover the sample.

The column can house up to 5 rectangular weights of 14 Kg each, in order to obtain the correct weight and thrust on the box.
The box, stainless-steel plated, has been positioned on the lower part and has a removable side with a bayonet coupling to directly observe the lithological characteristics of the sample without causing any disturbance.

Operational technique

Let the Box Corer down armed until it impacts with the floor. Afterwards the release of the column takes place and then the penetration of the box into the sediment. The wire of the winch has to be reeled in slowly in order to obtain the correct rotation of the shovel and the closure of the box.

Box corer's characteristics

N. 5 modular rectangular masses in lead, 14 Kg each.
Total weight: 80 Kg
Dimension of box: 170×170 mm; height: 250 mm; volume: 7.2 litres

Light Box Corer

Case History